Dreaming Fox

Deep in the woods there is a solitary fox sleeping. She may be dreaming of colourful forests with abundance of food or maybe she is just dreaming of a playful afternoon with her foxy friends. Who knows? There is only certainty that her sleep is deep, serene and joyful.


What are you dreaming about little fox? You too can discover what the fox is dreaming of, simply by placing objects upon the shimmering dreaming cloud.


Using CNC technology we are capable to capture all detail and sculpt the serenity of dreaming fox in perfection using solid walnut wood. The dreaming cloud is made out of polished metal giving the surface a bright and shiny finish.


A limited piece of the Mousarris statement pieces collection.


Enquire to pre-order the piece.


Walnut Steel


10 kg


D 60 x H 46 cm

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